Some projects may require the use of special materials. Techniques can be done on any pottery piece. Specific pieces are subject to each studio's availability. Please call the studio to ask about doing this project today!

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Denville Strawberry Travel Mug

Strawberry Travel Mug

Denville She-nanigans Mug

She-nanigans Mug

Denville Fries Before Guys

Fries Before Guys

Denville PB&J Plate

PB&J Plate

Denville You're My Jam

You're My Jam

Denville Nuts about You

Nuts about You

Denville Patriotic Platter

Patriotic Platter

Denville Fireworks Tumblers

Fireworks Tumblers

Denville Poutine Plate

Poutine Plate

Denville Maple Flag Leaf

Maple Flag Leaf

Denville Moose and Beaver Mug

Moose and Beaver Mug

Denville Canada Heart Plate

Canada Heart Plate

Denville Crystal Glazed Eggs

Crystal Glazed Eggs

Denville Wine & Stein - Cool

Wine & Stein - Cool

Denville Wine & Stein - Warm

Wine & Stein - Warm

Denville Wine & Stein - Dark

Wine & Stein - Dark

Denville Wine is my Valentine

Wine is my Valentine

Denville Thumb-body Loves You

Thumb-body Loves You

Denville Tips of my Toes

Tips of my Toes

Denville Heart in Hands

Heart in Hands

Denville Heart Flutter Print

Heart Flutter Print

Denville Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Denville Marbled Heart Plate

Marbled Heart Plate

Denville Marbled Heart Mug

Marbled Heart Mug