Some projects may require the use of special materials. Please call the studio to ask about doing this project today!

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Denville Color Block Pumpkin

Color Block Pumpkin

Denville Antiqued Skull Mug

Antiqued Skull Mug

Denville Vintage Skull Plate

Vintage Skull Plate

Denville Tall Vintage Santa

Tall Vintage Santa

Denville Eyeball Coasters

Eyeball Coasters

Denville Snowman Mug

Snowman Mug

Denville Cozy Christmas Table

Cozy Christmas Table

Denville Vintage Christmas Trees

Vintage Christmas Trees

Denville Vintage Santa Jar

Vintage Santa Jar

Denville Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Denville Drippy Pumpkin Box

Drippy Pumpkin Box

Denville Fall Floral Charger

Fall Floral Charger

Denville Produce Plate

Produce Plate

Denville Farmers Market Plate

Farmers Market Plate

Denville Floral Pedestal Bowl

Floral Pedestal Bowl

Denville Fall Pumpkin Box

Fall Pumpkin Box

Denville Floral Pumpkin Box

Floral Pumpkin Box

Denville Tall Pumpkin Box

Tall Pumpkin Box

Denville Minimalist Vase

Minimalist Vase

Denville Drippy Square Planters

Drippy Square Planters

Denville Cute Planters

Cute Planters

Denville Rainbow Hand-print

Rainbow Hand-print

Denville Sparkle Unicorn Bank

Sparkle Unicorn Bank

Denville Tropical Baby Tray

Tropical Baby Tray

Denville Sunflowers For Mom

Sunflowers For Mom

Denville Sunshine Stein!

Sunshine Stein!

Denville Father's Day Frame

Father's Day Frame

Denville Lemon Wedge

Lemon Wedge

Denville Family Road Trip!

Family Road Trip!

Denville Mermaid Plate

Mermaid Plate

Denville Happy Shark Plate

Happy Shark Plate

Denville Enchanting Unicorn

Enchanting Unicorn

Denville Birthday Plate

Birthday Plate

Denville Baby Announcement

Baby Announcement

Denville Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Denville Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder

Denville Quiet Nature Plate

Quiet Nature Plate

Denville Random Round Plate

Random Round Plate

Denville Lotus Flower Plate

Lotus Flower Plate

Denville Talavera Tableware

Talavera Tableware

Denville Floral Paper Stamping

Floral Paper Stamping

Denville Mushroom Mugs

Mushroom Mugs

Denville Watermelon Bowl

Watermelon Bowl

Denville Simple Floral Mug

Simple Floral Mug

Denville Cactus Travel Mug

Cactus Travel Mug

Denville Mosaic Mandala Tray

Mosaic Mandala Tray

Denville DAD!