Paint Trees!

Ask and you shall receive!

Our ceramic trees are in stock and waiting for you to come in and make them your own. Each of these very special trees comes with a light kit and a set of plastic bulbs in order to really light up your holiday.

Holiday Tree with Light Kit
  September  October  November/December 
Large Holiday Tree (17″) $100$105$115 + Studio Fee
Medium Holiday Tree (14″) $75$80$90 + Studio Fee
Small Holiday Tree (10″) $60$65$75 + Studio Fee    


Animated Tree with Light Kit

Medium Animated Tree (13″) $75 $80$90+Studio Fee
Small Animated Tree (9″) $60$65$75+Studio Fee


Shelf Tree with Light Kit (12″)

  • September: $60
  • October: $65
  • November/December: $75+Studio Fee



Holiday Wreath with Light Kit

  • September: $44
  • October: $49
  • November/December: $59+Studio Fee



Be sure to ask about our special Green Glass Glaze! This special pottery glaze, as shown on the holiday wreath sample, creates a realistic variation of color on your tree. All you need to do is paint three coats, and the paint does the rest!