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VIP Program
We truly value our regluar customers - without all of you, we couldn't be here! So to reward our loyal and repeat customers, we developed our VIP program to help you save every time you visit.

Whether you enjoy working on the same piece for multiple visits or doing a new project each time, our VIP program will ensure that you save money.

We also reach out with this program to new customers that have large projects in mind or would like to make a regular visit to our studio. Making gifts, painting something for yourself, art therapy; these are all great reasons to make our studio a regular stop. Why not save right from the start?

Read about our VIP program here, and call to inquire or join.

No Studio Fees!

When you join our exciting VIP program you can enjoy the benefit of unlimited visits without a studio fee per day.

Paint a larger or more detailed project with as many visits as you need. An hour here, half an hour there, a whole day when you've got the time; it doesn't matter! Never feel rushed, and enjoy your VIP benefit of free studio fees to work on and complete masterpieces whenever's good for you.

Or, if you just like to paint smaller projects more regularly, you can come in to paint a new piece each time and save your studio fee cost every visit! And that's only the beginning.

Saving on studio fees along means coming even just once a month, you will certainly save money!

Discount On Ceramic Pieces!
When joining our VIP program, you also recieve 10% off all ceramic piece purchases you make for yourself! So each time you start a new project, on top of saving your studio fee for that day, you'll get a discount on whichever piece you purchase.

VIP membership pricing is set up for individuals as well as households.

$75 for a full year for an individual membership.

You can add additional members of your household (living in the same home) for $25 each person for the year. This is a great way to get the whole family involved! You can add additional members at any time during your membership, but do keep in mind your renewal date will remain the same. So plan ahead and join together!

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